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Ten Commandments for Explorers

  1. Stick to the old but good one: when in Rome, do as Romans do. Eat and drink local food, try out local products, customs, immerse yourself in the culture. Do not be a pure consumer, be a cultural tourist.
  2. Travel light and travel organized. Nothing is more annoying then a pile of shit and a person who can't handle it as your co-traveller. Bring what you need, but stay loose.
  3. Prioritize. There are 4 things to think about when leaving the house or hotel: passport, money, tickets and keys. That's right, if you forget to bring the toothbrush, get a new one.
  4. Research, but don't overdo it. Plan trips and visits in advance, but leave space for wandering around, discovering whatever there is to discover.
  5. Open, positive, curious. Show respect but don’t be afraid to enter somewhere or talk to someone, even if you don't know if it's permitted. This is the way you get real travel experiences.
  6. In all situations where there is no direct threat, try to be polite and friendly. Small talk and a smile create miracles.
  7. Always try and learn a few words of the local language. It shows appreciation, people like it and it helps overcome cultural differences – depending where you're going, this can be huge!
  8. Five stars isn't necessarily the most authentic experience. Hedonism is great, but don’t be too demanding while exploring. The point is in expanding your horizons, not your stomach.
  9. Be interested in history. You don't need to read a pile of books or remember dates, but think about the context of where all you see is coming from. There's more than Wikipedia and Facebook in this world.
  10. The quickest way to get somewhere doesn't always mean the most exciting or the most insightful way. Walk and cycle as much as you can and don’t be afraid to get a little lost. After all, you are The Explorer.